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Defenders closed facebook group... only the initiated

Friday, September 6, 2013 8:24 PM Posted by Rob Bryce

Facebook, Defenders Guidelines

The unfortunate nature of the internet has given rise to the 'GIFT' theory. 'GIFT' is a postulate which asserts that normal, well-adjusted people may display psychopathic or antisocial behaviors when given both anonymity and a captive audience on the Internet. It can be summed up as: Normal Person + Anonymity + Captive Audience = Raging Jerk. Few things generate so many examples of the GIFT theory in practice as Ancient Free and Accepted Masonry. As such, it is generally recommended to be careful about showing your likes and replies to the Defenders public facebook page on your facebook timeline.

The closed facebook group is for anything that pertains to Defenders, such as events that are either official or unofficial. This allows us to post about an impromptu gathering, while allowing those who wish to opt in or out of getting their notifications. This group is secure, Defenders only, so personal information can be shared such as a cell number or address.